Our approach

Our approach to Sustainability at Pure Gold Paper & Board Mills is an over-arching set of values that drive all our actions and long-term decisions, from the board-room right down to routine transactions. GP Sustainability team works closely with our management, staff and supply chain partners to integrate responsible behaviour and a caring culture into every business function across all our business units.
We aim to continue building on this heritage, integrating our parents’ respective values and practices into our own way of business, while remaining mindful of GP local context. To this end, we must respond to current needs and identify future challenges that will impact our business and the lives of our stakeholders and communities around.
Implementing our Sustainability vision means tangibly contributing to our business, our employees, society and the environment through well-designed initiatives grounded firmly in our values of ethical business and respect for human rights. By building on our strengths, adapting to evolving realities, and positioning ourselves for future challenges, we seek to play an even more meaningful role as a responsible packaging company.
Sustainability means taking responsibility for continuously improving our product, our manufacturing processes and our procurement practices, so that our business not only generates profits, but positively impacts our customers’ satisfaction, employees’ loyalty, host communities’ wellbeing, and society at large.
We are aware that in the initial phases of our work, such impact may not be immediately visible. But we are certain that our Responsibility organization, built on the foundations of ground realities and strengthened by our ethical business values, will stand to scrutiny and deliver sustainable results.
At Gold packages we are committed to not claiming any success until we can clearly demonstrate that our work has directly helped create a positive impact or mitigated a negative one.
In order to effectively and sustainably respond to the risks identified, a Sustainability organisation was established as a key management structure, represented in GP Senior Management, with a mandate to integrate Sustainability values into every business aspect and operational structure at GP
Our organization defines four major implementation areas for GPs Sustainability agenda:

  • 1-Environment, Health & Safety
  • 2. Responsible Business Practices
  • 3. Responsible Stakeholder Involvement
  • 4. Responsible Supply Chains